White Christmas

We have only heard about it in songs, but this year, we got to see it for real. On Christmas day around 5pm it started to snow and by 7pm we had a white Christmas!!! It was a wonderful, beautiful, fantastic surprise & we loved every minute of it!
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Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful and busy Christmas! We were so fortunate to be able to spend lots of time with our family and friends. If you'll excuse me now, I could really use a nap...

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Dawson and Sawyer are 2!!!

Mickey Mouse wants to celebrate with you~ Dawson and Sawyer are turning 2!!!


We celebrated Mickey Mouse style and wished Dawson and Sawyer a happy 2nd birthday. We were without power, but no one seamed to mind. The cake was just as yummy and the presents just as fun. We also had a special treat~ It snowed on their party day! Happy Birthday sweet boys! Time flies when you're having fun~
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Gobble Gobble...

In every family, there is at least one turkey! Our boys are getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast here at our house. Here are 3 of my reasons to be thankful this year~

Have a Happy Thanksgiving~ Gobble Gobble!

Disney World!

We took the boys on a surprise trip to Disney World! I'm not sure who was more excited- the parents or the kids! We celebrated Bucky's 7th birthday with a trip to the Lego store and had dinner at the T-Rex Restaurant. We visited 4 parks and we all had a ball. The twins loved Mickey Mouse and rode every ride they could. It was a wonderful trip.

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We had a great time and Bucky said it was his best birthday ever! Hope you enjoy some of our "magical" moments...

Captain Bucky turns 7!!!

We loaded our ship and celebrated Captain Bucky's 7th birthday! Complete with a hayride pulled by Uncle Jason and a treasure hunt led by Aunt Anna, it was a great day to be a pirate.


We'll have hotdogs, we'll have cake~ Ahoy mates, let's celebrate!!!
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Trick or Treat

We did an early trick or treat this year and took the Super Mario Crew out in search of treats. Dawson(Mario), Sawyer (Luigi), & Bucky (Yoshi) made out like bandits and we all had a Super fun day!

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Boo to You!!!

Nothing better than a crisp Fall night, an Auburn victory, warm apple cider and a grande ole pumpkin Carving!!! Boo to You!!!

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Happy Fall, Y'all !!!


We spent a beautiful Fall day at the Pumpkin Patch! It's so funny how each child likes different things. Dawson loved the pumpkins, while Sawyer would have nothing of it. Sawyer loved the "horsies", while Dawson didn't want any part! Bucky loved all of it and would have stayed for hours. We sure love our boys and hope you enjoy our pics. Happy Fall, Y'all!!!
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Beach Babes

We headed to Orange Beach for our family beach trip & had a great time. The oil hit mid-week, but we had a great time anyway!

There goes our life...

Boys will be Boys


Here are some shots of us enjoying watermelon and playing outside

May Days


We've been braving the heat to watch Bucky and his fellow Mudcats Play Ball

Spring Break Fun

Spring break trip to the Montgomery Zoo & Callaway Gardens!

Dawson & Sawyer are checking out the view~ Zebras!

Bucky made a new friend at the Butterfly center

Dawson & Sawyer soaking up some rays

Train Ride

Our 3 boys at the Sibley Center

Bunnies and Chicks

We had some Spring pictures taken and just had to share!

Sawyer wants to know where his baby chick is...

Dawson loved the bunnies (a little too much). Sawyer liked the chicks, but didn't want to hold the bunnies.

Bucky loved all of it!

My 3 handsome boys. Happy Spring!

Happy New Year!!!

~~~Welcome 2010~~~

Celebrating the season

The season flew by with gatherings of family and friends!!!

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Merry Christmas!

What wonderful blessings we have to celebrate this Christmas! The joy and wonder of the season was so fun to share with our family, friends, and boys.

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We packed our bags and spent a wonderful week at Disney celebrating the twin's first birthday on December 16th and then my birthday on the 17th!!!

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Our little cowboys are turning 1 !!!!

It's hard to believe that Dawson & Sawyer are one! We celebrated with a cowboy party before we headed to Disney! Saddle up for some fun~ our little cowboys are turning one!!!

Not sure who had more fun~ Mommy & Daddy or Dawson & Sawyer!

a couple of bandits...

Dawson having some fun in the ballpit

Thanks Nana & Don for our wagon!

Yummy cake that was soon destroyed!!!

Have a "super" birthday Bucky!

Bucky Celebrated his 6th birthday "Super" Mario style!