Gobble Gobble...

In every family, there is at least one turkey! Our boys are getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast here at our house. Here are 3 of my reasons to be thankful this year~

Have a Happy Thanksgiving~ Gobble Gobble!

Disney World!

We took the boys on a surprise trip to Disney World! I'm not sure who was more excited- the parents or the kids! We celebrated Bucky's 7th birthday with a trip to the Lego store and had dinner at the T-Rex Restaurant. We visited 4 parks and we all had a ball. The twins loved Mickey Mouse and rode every ride they could. It was a wonderful trip.

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We had a great time and Bucky said it was his best birthday ever! Hope you enjoy some of our "magical" moments...

Captain Bucky turns 7!!!

We loaded our ship and celebrated Captain Bucky's 7th birthday! Complete with a hayride pulled by Uncle Jason and a treasure hunt led by Aunt Anna, it was a great day to be a pirate.


We'll have hotdogs, we'll have cake~ Ahoy mates, let's celebrate!!!
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