White Christmas

We have only heard about it in songs, but this year, we got to see it for real. On Christmas day around 5pm it started to snow and by 7pm we had a white Christmas!!! It was a wonderful, beautiful, fantastic surprise & we loved every minute of it!
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Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful and busy Christmas! We were so fortunate to be able to spend lots of time with our family and friends. If you'll excuse me now, I could really use a nap...

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Dawson and Sawyer are 2!!!

Mickey Mouse wants to celebrate with you~ Dawson and Sawyer are turning 2!!!


We celebrated Mickey Mouse style and wished Dawson and Sawyer a happy 2nd birthday. We were without power, but no one seamed to mind. The cake was just as yummy and the presents just as fun. We also had a special treat~ It snowed on their party day! Happy Birthday sweet boys! Time flies when you're having fun~
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